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Algebraic Way to Derive Discrete Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Wave Equation

Jukka Tuomela , Olivier Vacus
[Research Report] RR-3053, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073639v1
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Eléments finis et condensation de masse pour les équations de Maxwell: le cas 2D

Alexandre Elmkies , Patrick Joly
[Rapport de recherche] RR-3035, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073658v1
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A Numerical Method for the Computation of Electromagnetic Modes in Optical Fibers

Patrick Joly , Christine Poirier
[Research Report] RR-2974, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073724v1
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Perfectly Matched Absorbing Layers for the Paraxial Equations

Francis Collino
[Research Report] RR-2964, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073734v1
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Fictitious Domain Method for Unsteady Problems: Application to Electromagnetic Scattering

Francis Collino , Patrick Joly , Florence Millot
[Research Report] RR-2963, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073735v1
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Primal-Dual Formulations for Parameter Estimation Problems

Guy Chavent , Karl Kunisch , Jean Roberts
[Research Report] RR-2891, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073799v1
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Maxwell's Equations in a 1D Ferromagnetic Medium : Existence and Uniqueness of Strong Solutions

Patrick Joly , Olivier Vacus
[Research Report] RR-3052, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073640v1
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Mathematical and Numerical Studies of 1D Non Linear Ferromagnetic Materials

Patrick Joly , Olivier Vacus
[Research Report] RR-3024, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073669v1
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Conditions aux limites absorbantes d'ordre élevé pour l'équation des ondes 3D

Francis Collino
[Rapport de recherche] RR-2932, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073767v1
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Stability of spherical stellar systems II : Numerical results

Jérôme Perez , J.-M. Alimi , J.-J. Aly , H. Scholl
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1996, 280 (3), pp.700-710. ⟨10.1093/mnras/280.3.700⟩
Journal articles hal-01010753v1
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Sur l'analyse des conditions aux limites absorbantes pour l'équation de Helmholtz

Patrick Joly , Olivier Vacus
[Rapport de recherche] RR-2850, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073841v1
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Big Ray Tracing and Eikonal Solver on Unstructured Grids : Application to the Computation of a Multi-valued Travel-time Field in the Marmousi Model

Remi Abgrall , Jean-David Benamou
[Research Report] RR-3019, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073675v1
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Stability of spherical stellar systems I : Analytical results

Jérôme Perez , J.-J. Aly
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 1996, 280 (3), pp.689-699. ⟨10.1093/mnras/280.3.689⟩
Journal articles hal-01010751v1
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The Perfectly Matched Layer in Curvilinear Coordinates

Francis Collino , Peter Monk
[Research Report] RR-3049, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073643v1
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Singularités de frontière et conditions limites absorbantes : le problème du coin

Olivier Vacus
[Rapport de recherche] RR-2851, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073840v1
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Stabilité des conditions aux limites pour l'équation des ondes par des méthodes énergetiques : le cas des bords courbes

Patrick Joly , Olivier Vacus
[Rapport de recherche] RR-2849, INRIA. 1996
Reports inria-00073842v1